How to earn playing games here (on

Well, you can earn upvotes by playing the games and:

- make video's on DTube playing games
- make video's on DTube showing the website
- stream your gameplay on D-Live
- make a post about the gamesite + include link to this website + some screenshots
- make posts on steemit about how a game works or which game you find interesting
- giving tips and hints about games
- making a post about your score and tell us something about the game, how you played
-making a post abbout your highscore(s)
- And so on and so on....

The posts need to be in the tag 'steemitgoldminer' so I can find them to upvote :)

Posts will either be upvoted with @steemitgoldminer or/and with @brothermic

If the post is of low quality I can decide to not upvote. Do some effort. there are 500+ games so you can do alot and earn alot of upvotes.